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Japanse Acupunctuur Advanced Course

19 oktober 2018 14:00 tot 20 oktober 2018 17:00


De cursus is op vrijdag van 14.00-20.00 en op zaterdag van 10.00 -17.00

Deze cursus is alleen bedoeld voor diegenen die de introductiecursus reeds gevolgd hebben.

De data van de nieuwe introductiecursus worden later bekend gemaakt, maar zullen plaatsvinden in voorjaar 2019.
Verder willen wij nog benadrukken dat Andy Harrop als enige in Europa door Kiiko gemachtigd is om de Kiiko Matsumoto stijl te doceren.


Kiiko Matsumoto style Japanese Acupuncture


Advanced course


Day 1 – The Kidneys and Bladder


As the foundation and storehouse of our Pre-Heaven energy, the strength of the Kidneys is vital for our long-term health. The gradual erosion of this energy brings about weakness at the core of the body, in our brain, bones and marrow. This seminar will look at the patterns and connections of the Kidney and Bladder and how to diagnose and treat them. We will study the full range of adrenal patterns including:


  • ‘Ming Men pounding’
  • the extra ‘respiratory’ and ‘brain’ K3 patterns.
  • he autonomic nervous system
  • types of Kidney deficiency
  • the treatment of western kidney diseases and bladder problems
  • major points of the Kidney and Bladder meridians.



Day 2 – The Heart and Pericardium


The importance of a healthy Heart is of course paramount to our physical and emotional wellbeing. Increasingly in the modern world the Heart is under pressure from all sides and cannot find the quiet space that the Shen requires. Stress and emotional disharmony in all its forms, be it current or historical is one that many patients are affected by. This new seminar will look at the major patterns and connections associated with the heart both physically and emotionally and how to diagnose and treat them. Beginning with an understanding of the energetic and evolutionary formation of the heart and it’s particular connection to the Spleen, we will move on to cover:

  • the Shen and Yi
  • the Heart as creator of blood
  • the Zong Qi cycle that connects the Heart and Kidneys; the upper and lower jiao; Fire and Water
  • the connection with the autonomic nervous system
  • the theory of the 7th segment and the small heart
  • the Heart-Womb connection through the Bao Mai and it’s importance to gynaecology
  • the importance of the pericardium
  • major points on the Heart and Pericardium meridians

As well as looking at these patterns individually we will cover the interrelationship between them enabling participants to build a coherent treatment strategy for clinical use.

As this is an advanced course it is important that students have studied the basics of this style previously.


19 oktober 2018 14:00
20 oktober 2018 17:00


Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, Amsterdam