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Structural Problems of upper and lower body

20 november 14:00 tot 21 november 17:00


Docent: Andy Harrop.

Two day seminar on structural problems of the lower and upper body.

This seminar was originally planned in March 2020.

Day 1 November 20th  2020
Structural Problems of the Lower Body

 Day 2 November 21th 2020
Structural Problems of the Upper Body

Structural imbalances frequently cause pain or discomfort and are one of the most commonly seen clinical problems.  They interfere with posture and movement and can cause the function of the internal organs to be compromised.

Structural imbalances arise for a number of reasons. They can accumulate over time from poor posture, work or lifestyle habits.  They may result more immediately from injury, or of course, an underlying energetic weakness or imbalance.

This seminar will present Kiiko Matsumoto’s unique and practical approaches to addressing commonly encountered structural problems and their underlying energetic patterns.

Topics included:

Specific lower back treatments

Treatment of the piriformis

Coccyx problems

Dai Mai imbalance

Inguinal ligament syndrome

Inner thigh tension

Ankle imbalance

Correspondences of the spine

Treatment for the sternocleidomastoid and scalenus muscles

Vertebral artery treatment

Problems of the cervical spine

Problems of the upper back and shoulders




20 november 14:00
21 november 17:00


Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, Amsterdam